ROTOR International Edition

We are pleased to announce our digital edition of the ROTOR magazin in English. On 90 pages we report on all topics of the model helicopter, with detailed scale model reports, detailed construction reports and numerous practical tips around the rc helicopter.

ROTOR international is the bi-monthly magazine for all fans of RC model helicopters. Based on the German magazine ROTOR, which is highly recommended in the scene; you are supplied with all necessary information about this most fascinating hobby.

In this magazine you find:

  • Tips and tricks for building and flying scale and aerobatic models
  • Workshop series written by experienced model builders
  • Practical tips for RC model pilots
  • How to do: self-made features for scale models
  • Basic knowledge for model helicopters
  • Reviews and tests
  • How to improve your flying
  • Scale modeling and building practice

Our edition is available on with a selection of translated articles from the German print edition.

Welcome to the great world of the RC helicopter!

ROTOR 1-2020

Building practice
⇢ Rebuilding of a Cobra – Bell AH-1 Super Cobra with
T-Rex 500 mechanics
⇢ From the idea to the model – The project Focke-Achgelis
Fa 223 Drache, Part 1
⇢ The worry-free fuselage kit? Roban EC 145 with T-Rex 600 ESP
⇢ Russian beauty – Mil Mi-8 with scale 1:10 read more …

ROTOR 2-2020

⇢ Black Devil: The Diabolo 700 Black-Edition from minicopter
⇢ We’re testing the power motor Xnova 4525 Lightning 530KV
⇢ Small Upgrades with great effect: Practical tips for Align T-Rex 700X and 760X, part 2
⇢ Self-made skid landing gears
Gunther Winkle reports in his workshop on how skid landing gears can be created read more …

ROTOR 1-2021

⇢ Basic knowledge: Structure and function of brushless engines.
⇢ Practical tips: assembly of a model helicopter. Part 1 – tools and other useful things.
⇢ Automatic servo control with Arduino platform
⇢ Alternative fuselage construction with platic panels
In this workshop we want to show that a fuselage can also be built without GfK. read more …

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