English edition now available: ROTOR 6/2023

ROTOR 6/2023

The new Goosky RS4 is delivered in the combo version with the in-house FBL system. For Markus Fiehn, however, some weaknesses became apparent, so that the AXON was switched to without further ado. In this issue he explains how he went about it. In addition, we have many other technical tips and advice on new accessories.  

Content of issue 6/2023


  • Highly respected visitor
    Model meets original – model building exhibition a Hirzenhain. 
  • Preparationg
    F3C/F3N Experience Day beim MFSV Trebur.
  • Experteninterview
    ROTOR im Gespräch mit MFSD-Präsident Ralf Bäumener.
  • Heli Funfly at FMSC Reutlingen
    Rüdiger Huth visited the event and reports on the highlights.
  • Visting the island
    The Charmouth Heli Funfly in England Uwe Naujoks was there.


  • VARIO BK 117 on scale of 1:5
    Part 1: Planning, construction and the first flight. 
  • Chinook homebuilt mechanics
    Continuation of the construction report by Hans Bell: the matter with the flight batterie.


  • Theta Kenny Ko servo set
    Christian Rose tested the servo set distributed by live-hobby.de and reports.  
  • Q4AC Smart Charger
    The new multi-charger from Toolkit RC in a practical test.
  • FliteZone Proton V2
    Christoph Wegerl reports on the new features of the entry-level heli from Pichler Modellbau.
  • Flysky FS-ST8
  • The inexpensive entry-level transmitter from Flysky in the upgrade version


  • Transmitter update
    Wolfgang Semler summarises the new features of the latest Graupner transmitter software. 
  • Goosky RS4 with AXON
    New stabi, new controller – we show how the conversion works.
  • Retro-Classics: Kyosho Concept 60
    The successor to the successful Japanese model in detail

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